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Past Journal Topics
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January 2016 - Immunotherapy in Neurologic Diseases
Guest Editor: Marinos C. Dalakas, MD (Thomas Jefferson University)

April 2016 - Neurorestoration and the Current State of Novel Neurorehabilitation Therapeutics
Guest Editor: Jason Carmel, MD, PhD (Burke Rehabilitation and Research)

July 2016- Current Status, Future Directions and Challenges in Management of CNS Viral Infections 
Guest Editor: Avindra Nath (NIH), Steven Jacobson (NIH)

October 2016- Immune/Inflammatory Issues Surrounding Stroke

January 2015 - Rethinking Alzheimer's Disease Therapies
Guest Editors: Michael Shelanski (Columbia) and Roger Lefort (Columbia)

April 2015 - The Spectrum of Motor Neuron Diseases: From Childhood SMA to Adult ALS
Guest Editors: Eva Feldman (University of Michigan) and Stacey Sakowski (University of Michigan)

July 2015 - Therapeeutic Advances in Autism and Other Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Guest Editors: Jeffery Neul (UC San Diego) and Mustafa Sahin (Boston Children's Hospital)

October 2015 - Cannabinoids in Neuropsychiatric Disorders
Guest Editors: Orrin Devinsky (NYU), Vincenzo Di Marzo (Institute of Biomolecular Chemistry of the National Research Council, Italy), Ben Whalley (University of Reading, UK)

January 2014 - Movement Disorders
Guest Editors: Joseph Jankovic (Baylor College of Medicine) and Stewart Factor (The Emory Clinic)

April 2014 - Epilepsy Therapeutics 
Guest Editors: Lara Jehi (Cleveland Clinic) and Annamaria Vezzani (MarioNegri, Italy)

July 2014 - Nonpharmacologic Therapies 
Guest Editors: Andres Lozano (University of Toronto) and Brian Koppel (Mt. Sinai)

October 2014 - Neurogenetics and Therapies
Guest Editor: William Dauer (University of Michigan)

January 2013 - Multiple Sclerosis 
Guest Editor: Rohit Bakshi (Brigham and Women’s Hospital)

April 2013 - Mitochondrial Mechanisms in Neurologic Disease 
Guest Editor: Andrea Gropman (Children’s National Medical Center)

July 2013 - Protein Misfolding Diseases
Guest Editor: Marc Diamond (Washington University – St. Louis)

October 2013 - Epigenetics
Guest Editors: Rajiv Ratan (Burke-Cornell Medical Research Institute), Sama Sleiman (Burke Medical Research Center) and Manuela Basso (Burke Medical Research Center)

October 2012 - Sleep
Guest Editors: Emmanuel Mignot (Stanford University) and Raphael Pelayo (Stanford University)

July 2012 - Update in ADHD Neurotherapeutics
Guest Editors: Julie Schweitzer (University of California, Davis) and Keith McBurnett (University of California, San Francisco)

April 2012 - Animal Models of Neurological Disorders
Guest Editors: Marie Francois Chesselet (University of California, Los Angles) and S. Tom Carmichael (University of California, Los Angles)

January 2012 - Neurointensive Care
Guest Editors: Jonathan Rosand (Massachusetts General Hospital) and Kevin N. Sheth (University of Maryland)

October 2011 - Stroke
Guest Editors: James Grotta (University of Texas) and Rohit Bakshi (Brigham and Women's Hospital)

July 2011 - Cell-Based Therapies
Guest Editor:  Steve Goldman (University of Rochester Medical Center)

April 2011 - Spinal Cord Injury
Guest Editors:  Edward D. Hall and Stephen M. Onifer (University of Kentucky)

January 2011 - Neuroimaging
Guest Editors:  Mohit Neema and Rohit Bakshi (Brigham and Women's Hospital)


October 2010 - Glial-based Neurotherapeutics
Guest Editors: Maiken Nedergaard (University of Rochester Medical Center and David Rempe (University of Rochester Medical Center)

July 2010 - Autism
Guest Editors: Randi Hagerman (University of California, Davis) and Robert L. Hendren (University of California, Davis)

April 2010 - Headache
Guest Editors: Peter Goadsby (University of California, San Francisco)

January 2010 - Head Injury
Guest Editors:  Robert Vink (University of Adelaide) and M. Ross Bullock (University of Miami)


October 2009 - Pain
Guest Editors: Christine Sang (Brigham and Women’s Hospital) Gary Bennett (McGill)

July 2009 - Neurooncology
Guest Editors: Mitchell Berger (UCSF) and Susan Chang (UCSF) and Ilona Garner

April 2009 - Non-traditional Epilepsy Treatment Approaches
Guest Editors: Michael Rogawski (UC Davis) and Gregory L. Holmes (Dartmouth Medical School)

January 2009 - Multipotential Drugs
Guest Editors: Moussa Youdim  (Technion, Israel) and Cornelis J. (Neels) Van der Schyf (Northeastern Ohio Universities)


October 2008  - Neuromuscular Disorders
Guest Editors: Robert Griggs and Hanns Lochmueller (URMC Rochester)

July 2008 - Emerging Therapeutic Targets in Alzheimer’s Disease
Guest Editor: Rudolf E. Tanzi (Mass Gen)

April 2008 - Movement Disorders 
Guest Editors:  Mahlon Delong and Stewart Factor (Emory)

January 2008 - Device Therapy
Guest Editors:  Andres Lozano (U Toronto) and Jason Schwalb (U Rochester)

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